Bloody Nun – USA, 2018

‘Confess your sins’

Bloody Nun is a 2018 American comedy horror feature film written, photographed, edited and directed by Will Collazo Jr. (Theater of Horror; short: DeadYard). The David Sterling production stars Mark C. Fullhardt, Jen Elyse Feldy and Angie Hansen. Shawn C. Phillips has a cameo role in a prologue.

Six paranormal ghost hunters are competing to stay in the most haunted house in New York , with the winner hoping to get one million dollars from the mysterious Mr. Shiva. Using a Ouija Board they conduct a seance. Little do they know they are being set up to be tortured and killed by a ghoulish soul – a bloody nun.


“Once I realized this was a comedy and not spectacularly bad I grinned quite a bit. Humor is a very subjective thing and this is a bit sillier than I like. However if films like House Shark or Camp Death III in 2D are your thing you should be happy with Bloody Nun.” Jim Morazzini, Voices from the Balcony


Cast and characters:

  • Mark C. Fullhardt … Mr. Shiva – The New York Butcher
  • Jen Elyse Feldy … Jenna G
  • Angie Hansen … Becky E
  • Matt Bruzzio … Logan
  • Jessica Collazo-Thomson … The Nun
  • Cayrem Landt … Rico Vega
  • Carl J Grasso … Hunk
  • Joe Schonbrun … Toby
  • Tim Thomson … Paranormal Tim
  • Shawn C. Phillips … Coolduder


The original title was The Occultist 2: Demons so this was intended as a sequel to The Occultist (2009).

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