Fascination – France, 1979

fascination poster

fascination title screenshot

Fascination is a 1979 French horror feature film directed by Jean Rollin. The movie stars Franka Mai, Jean-Marie Lemaire and Brigitte Lahaie, who also appears in Rollin’s Les Raisons de la Mort (Grapes of Death).


In April 1905, fashionable Parisian women arrive at an abattoir to drink the blood of an ox as a way to cure anemia. Nearby, a thief named Mark escapes from four other villains. Mark is planning on heading to London with a bag of gold coins, but for the time being must take refuge in a mansion, looked after by two chambermaids, Elizabeth and Eva, who are awaiting the arrival of the Marchioness and her servants.


The women are not at all scared believing Mark is taking them hostage, in fact, they find him attractive. Elizabeth gets jealous when Eva sleeps with Mark. The thieves wait outside to kill Mark, so Eva goes out to hand over the gold, but while two of them count, the woman takes Eva’s dress and the man sleeps with her in the stables, so Eva kills them all…

fascination blu

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‘ … a riveting, highly unorthodox of the blood drinker mythos […] Though extremely low budget, the result is one of his finest, most elegant accomplishments and one of the safest introductions to Rollin’s style.’ Nathaniel Thompson, Mondo Digital

‘If you’re already a fan of Rollin’s brand of poetic and deliciously perverse erotic horror you won’t be disappointed by Fascination. If you’re unfamiliar with his work it’s not a bad place to start – the surrealist elements always present in his movies are less extreme in this one, or at least they’re less overwhelming.’ Cult Movie Reviews

Cast and characters:

  • Franca Maï … Elisabeth (as Franka Mai)
  • Brigitte Lahaie … Eva
  • Jean-Marie Lemaire … Marc
  • Fanny Magier … Hélène
  • Muriel Montossé … Anita
  • Sophie Noël … Sylvie (as Sophie Noel)
  • Evelyne Thomas … Dominique
  • Agnès Bert … (as Agnes Bert)
  • Cyril Val … Un Apache (as Alain Plumey)
  • Myriam Watteau … La femme apache
  • Joe de Palmer … Un Apache (as Joe de Lara)


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The main image on American Video’s French VHS sleeve is actually from Mario Bava’s A Bay of Blood


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