Nude for Satan – Italy, 1974

nude for satan cover


Nude for Satan (original title: Nuda per Satana) is a 1974 Italian gothic horror feature film directed by Luigi Batzella (The Beast In Heat). The movie stars Rita Calderoni, James Harris and Renato Lupi.


While driving through the countryside late at night, Dr. Benson finds a crashed car with a young woman hanging out of it. The doctor puts the girl in his car and drives for help to the nearest house which turns out to be a mysterious castle.

Benson is greeted at the door by a woman who looks exactly like the woman from the car, and she invites them both to stay for the night. The doctor soon discovers that his host is not the only one in the castle, and that this beautiful woman is concealing a terrifying secret…

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“While its set pieces and costumes give Nude for Satan an air of gothic horror, make no mistakes about it, the film is pure, unadulterated trash. Random lesbian make-out sessions seem to be incorporated for no other reason than to pad out the film’s duration and despite the three main characters, every participant is either partially clothed or fully nude throughout the film.” Jason McElreath, DVD Drive-In


“This is an exploitative film that is knee deep in nudity, Satanism and lesbianism. As stated before, the film’s lead actress Rita Calderoni spends more time naked or partially exposed then she does clothed. This is a smart choice by director Luigi Batzella since this story which he also wrote is convoluted and at times pretentious.” Michael den Boer, 10k Bullets


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