The Horrible Sexy Vampire – Spain, 1970

‘It’ll rock you in your seats!’

The Horrible Sexy Vampire is a 1970 Spanish horror feature film – original title: El vampiro de la autopista “The Vampire of the Highway”- written and directed by José Luis Madrid (Seven Murders for Scotland Yard).

The movie stars Waldemar Wohlfahrt [Wal Davis], Barta Barri (Horror Express), Anastasio Campoy, Susan Carvasal, Victor Davis, Kurt Esteban, Luis Induni and Patricia Loran.


A rash of murders leads the local doctor to believe the person responsible is connected with a deceased eccentric Baron. The manner in which the killings were performed indicates the murderer to be an inhuman sadist. The closer the doctor comes to the truth behind the murders brings him into greater danger…


‘There’s very little horror in The Horrible Sexy Vampire, and although the girls on display are a welcome sight (after all these are the days when women were shaped like women, rather than either skin-and-bones or plastic-on-bones), these scenes often feel awkward and voyeuristic at best. The invisibility and other special effects are done on the cheap and the whole film feels tired and languid. Acting is horrendous…’ Octavio Ramos,

‘The scenes of Davis in combat with himself are really something to see. He’s as bland as they get, but is so fascinatingly inept that he actually helps bring the film some entertainment value. The nudity quotient is considerably high and it’s suggested that there is probably a more explicit european release somewhere, though I can’t really imagine who would bother. It’s all pretty mediocre and surprisingly, unexciting.’ Monster Mania

“Pacing is very slow and many scenes are too long but there is an enjoyable understated spooky score to keep you going. Exteriors make nice use of winter snow. The script is simple and the ending is traditional.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws & Saucers


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horrible sexy vampire skeleton

“”Fetchingly shot in the thick snow that carpeted Stuttgart in December 1969, the result is a clumsy, charmless bore that ensures all the victims are bathing and bare-breasted at the moment of attack.” Jonathan Rigby, Euro Gothic

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“As a prime example of the boring and under-achieving co-produced European horror cinema of four decades past, 1970′s The Horrible Sexy Vampire is, well, boring and under-achieving … The only noteworthy aspect of the production is its own inherent awfulness, for which the title gets things at least partly right – it’s certainly horrible.” Kevin Pyrtle, Wtf-Film

‘The pacing of The Horrible Sexy Vampire is on par with most European trash-horror films from the seventies. Meaning it is languid. It is slow. It is plodding. It doesn’t have enough character, violence, or plot to make it engaging. There are exactly zero twists. It even lacks atmosphere…’ Bleeding Skull

‘The film is awful, a little flesh and a story that drags on and on… but, strangely, it is Wohlfahrt’s performance – as bad as it is – that keeps you watching. He hasn’t the skill or presence to pull off one character, never mind two, but somehow he manages to keep an interest going in between the gratuitous booby shots.’ Taliesen Meets the Vampires

In the UK, it played with giallo The Crimes of the Black Cat



‘ … the film is hamstrung by laborious direction and particularly dim-witted writing, the product of which is several almost static dialogue scenes elaborating on an already illogical plot. The sole redeeming feature is the lighting, which produces a suitably Gothic atmosphere.’ David McGillivray, BFI Monthly Film Bulletin, May 1976

‘The action is restricted to the vampire’s endlessly repeated attacks on anonymous women as they come out of the shower, go to bed, and so on – in fact, as soon as a woman undresses, an attack can be expected. The castle’s atmosphere is largely provided by the repetition of a hollow-laughter track at regular intervals. The rest consists of static, overwritten dialogue scenes.’ The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror, edited by Phil Hardy, Aurum Press, 1993







horrible sexy vampire_susan





horrible sexy vampire


Filming locations:

 Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Thanks to VHS WastelandVampyres Online, Wrong Side of the Art!, Gav Whitaker, and Mike Mariano of The Latarnia Forums for some of the images above.

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