Through the Looking Glass – USA, 1976

through the looking glass adult movie horror jonas middleton poster

‘The first motion picture that explores supernatural sex!’

Through The Looking Glass is a 1976 adult horror film with avant-garde, experimental elements directed by Jonas Middleton and released by Sam Lake’s Mature Pictures Corp. film production company.

The film stars Catherine Erhardt (best known for her role in Al Adamson’s 1977 comedy Cinderella 2000) and Jamie Gillis (Night of the ZombiesDracula Sucks; Dracula Exotica). The film also features an original musical score by Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th and sequels) and Arlon Ober (X-Ray).

The film includes some disturbing scenes set within a nightmarish world inspired by the work of Hieronymus Bosch.

Through the Looking Glass was edited into an ‘R’-rated version and played in American and European art houses. On its original run at New York’s infamous World Theater, they screened a Warner Bros. cartoon before the feature film.



“…dead serious in its intentions and it is really ahead of its time.” We Are Movie Geeks

“…not only a bizarre and nightmarish supernatural film in it’s own right … nothing less but essential viewing for any fan of Exploitation, and extreme Underground cinema.” Beardy Freak Reviews

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