Ghost of Camp Blood Island – USA, 2018

‘Evil clowns never die’

Ghost of Camp Blood is a 2018 American slasher horror feature film with a found footage sub-plot, edited and directed by Mark Polonia (It Kills; Amityville Exorcism; Sharkenstein; et al) from a screenplay by Alan Wyoming (Preylien: Alien Predators); it stars Steve DiasparraElissa DowlingJamie Morgan, and Mariah Joyce. Prolific David S. Sterling produced.

The film is currently available on Amazon Prime in the US, UK, and worldwide.

Infamous Blackwood Forest is still haunted by the numerous deaths at the hands of a masked clown killer, but now, it’s haunted by something else! The vengeful spirit of the recently deceased Camp Blood Killer is out for revenge from beyond the grave…


“This time around he’s stalking a small number of people through a school rather than the usual woodland setting. There are the usual lame kill scenes and interminable dialogue in between, but at least it’s a bit better shot than the last few in the series.” Leofwine_draca

Cast and characters:

  • Steve Diasparra … Randy Bucks – Amityville ExorcismBigfoot vs Zombies; Sharkenstein; Jurassic PreyQueen Crab; Chainsaw Killer; et al
  • Elissa Dowling – Werewolves in Heat; The Mangled; Axeman; et al
  • Jamie Morgan – Setesh; It KillsClark County Massacre
  • Mariah Joyce
  • Maria Davis … Interviewee
  • Tim Hatch … Interviewee
  • Jeff Kirkendall … Interviewee
  • Mark Polonia … Station Manager
  • Kyle Rappaport … Terry [archive footage]

Choice dialogue:

“Who’d have known that clowns can drive cars?”

“People love this crap!”

“Enjoy watching suffering. Death!”

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